Sunday, January 8, 2012

About the absence...

I have decided I am quite possibly the WORST blogger of all time. Why? I think of at least three new blog posts a week, but never get around to posting them. Then, when I have time, I start to think about ALL THE STINKING POSTS I will have to catch up on to get "back on track." So I get lazy about it all over again. And again and again, and well you get it.

So, to give you all a flying whiz-by bang-up debriefing on what we have been up to the past month, I should probably start now. Sorry about the lack of pictures...the computers in our house are all semi-functional right now, and won't recognize the camera. Dang.

As many of you know, we spent Christmas alone together here in Lowell. It was very low-key, but nice because it was our first Christmas together. I made Kringla, a holiday tradition in my family, as well as this cute Christmas party mix, just for funzies. We bought a fake tree on sale at Target, and decided it was probably for the best, because we had to put it away every night, otherwise Meeko would climb to the top, knocking the tree over and breaking many of our cheapy ornaments on the way. We had exactly one kind of wrapping paper, two "real" ornaments, and no stockings. In lieu of a Christmas ham, we ate steak. But we had each other, and so it was perfect and awesome and wonderful. Hopefully, next year we'll be with family in Arizona.

JJ had a week off after Christmas, and we had the genius idea to go to NYC after Christmas but before New Year's, but alas, we couldn't find a cheap hotel to stay in. So we spent our week wandering around Lowell, trying new restaurants, and playing board games together. New Yea'rs Eve rolled around and we did the stay-at-home bit again, and I made my mom's famous turkey taquitos (and jello shots!). We had a Harry Potter marathon. We drank tea and coffee every night and enjoyed each other's company.

So no...our holiday season wasn't crazy or exciting or full of people, but it was nice just the same. We started making time to have hot drinks together every night, and I think it's a part of every day that I look forward to the most.


  1. Awww!!! Your holidays sound relaxing and romantic!!! Harry Potter marathon included!!!

  2. Miss you guys...and you are NOT the worst blogger, not even close.