Thursday, May 10, 2012

Cinco de MAYHEM!

So, on Cinco de Mayo last year, JJ and I sort of went our own ways. He was board gaming with some Tucson buddies, and I had to work late for vaccine clinic at the health department. After work, me and my some of my favorite (who am I kidding? They were all my favorites) public health nurses went to Guadalajara Grill for margaritas and Mexican food. YUM! I got an email from one of my buddies this weekend and it made me miss them a bunch, BUT, JJ and I did have a really awesome Cinco de Mayo weekend this year. And we got to spend it together, which is nice =)

Me and Mary Frances last year. She made these fake braids for all the nurses. I miss her!
This year, our ambitions were a bit higher than they were last year. What did we do? WE ATE BRAINNNNNNZZZZ.

Or rather, we were part of the "Zombie Horde" during Boston's Run For Your Lives, a "zombie infested 5k obstacle course." So we went, got our make-up specially done, put on some gross clothes, got red corn syrup splashed all over us, got free drinks and popcorn, and a free t-shirt. TO PRETEND TO BE ZOMBIES. How cool is that? 

JJ, after his zombie transformation. I was a little jealous of the attention they paid toward making his mouth look extra bloody. Not so jealous of the entire bucket of corn syrup they threw on him, however.
Me, after my zombie transformation. I was one of like 9,000 zombie nurses/doctors. LOL. (You can see one in the background!)

Us, acting not-so-zombie-like at our position on the course. We kind of forgot that our sunglasses made us look like blind zombies, lol.
This obstacle looked FUN! A slide into muddy water. Just beyond this was the most gigantic slip-and-slide I have ever seen. 

So, unfortunately those are really the only pictures I have. Did I mention I was covered in corn syrup and pretending to eat brains? Made it sorta hard to get to the camera. There are loads more on their Facebook page, however.

We left the "Apocalypse Party" right after our zombie shift, foregoing the giant line to get hosed down and instead doing the old washcloth-wipe-down and change in the parking lot. Then, we were on our way to phase 2 of Cinco de Mayo weekend: Cape Cod.

Some of JJ's board game friends were hosting a board game weekend at their awesome house on the Cape, so we went (still mostly covered in fake gore), and played board games until late Sunday night. I was a little nervous because I can't usually handle playing board games for more than a few hours at a time, but I got along FAMOUSLY with the lady of the house, Dawn, and her bestie, Valerie. I pretty much didn't want to leave. On the plus side, Dawn is a kitty-fanatic almost parallel to myself. So, yeah. I made friends, hooray!

We got home late, late Sunday night to a kitty who was extremely displeased with our absence. He made it clear by attempting to put his cute little tush on our faces all.night.long. Silly kitty.

How was your Cinco de Mayo?

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  1. I didn't do squat for Cinco de Mayo, and I'm in Tucson. WTF. Your ZOMBIE CINCO sounds/looks amazing. You're the cutest/happiest zombie nurse ever. XOXO!