Friday, May 4, 2012

Meeko's First Walk

These pictures are from a LOOOOOONG time ago (as evidenced by that weird white crap on the ground, you Arizonans might be pleased to know it's called snow. Just FYI. =P) But, I am really terrible at looking at and uploading pictures from our camera to our computer, so I am just now seeing these cute pictures of Meeko  on his very-first-leash-and-everything walk. Here you go:

Putting his harness and leash on him to get used to before the first walk...

He kept shaking his feet and meowing the most pitiful meow. Doesn't he know snow is AWESOME?
JJ is a lot happier than the kitty is, that's for sure. 

Meeko is slightly more pleased at being wrapped in JJ's jacket than--ick! On that weird wet shit on the ground.

So that's it. I forgot to mention that the only way we got the cat to walk down the hallway and into the elevator was by shaking a bag of treats at him the whole time. Fatty. (Don't worry, he was only outside for maybe ten minutes, and he got LOTS of treats throughout the journey)

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  1. so freaking cute! Meeko's adorable, and so BIG AND FLUFFY! JJ's cute too :) Love da snow pics. Hope you're a bit warmer these days. Missing you, poo!