Friday, August 12, 2011

Car troubles

Okay, so JJ's company has offered to reimburse us for some moving expenses. Due to the incredible amount of time that JJ's thesis revisions are taking, we decided to have the car transported to Boston, instead of driving there ourselves. The guy came to pick up the car last night.

Basically, it goes down like this:

::telephone rings at about 3 pm::
Guy: Allo, Leendsee? Leendsee LoHON?
Me: Um, no, I'm not Lindsay Lohan. Who's calling?
Guy: Eet's me, Ahm comin' to peek up your carr tonight. Maybe, ah, 2 or 3 hours I be in Tucson. Den, ah, 2 ah-ther deleeveries, then Ah come to peek your carr.
Me: Um, okay. Just call.

You may have noticed, but this guy is VERY HARD TO UNDERSTAND. I have no idea what his name is or his nationality, all I know is some strange man in an 18-wheeler is coming to pick up the car in a few hours. This is good news right? Meaning, if he picks it up tonight, I won't have to wait around all day tomorrow. **

So, the guy calls 11:30 at night. Seriously, why is he working this late? He calls to tell me that he is parked somewhere near our apartment (I couldn't understand the exact location), but I catch that he is somewhere near a "Zone-A Re-store-ANT," which I know is pretty close, so I figured we couldn't miss the guy.

We drive down, look around for the guy, can't find him and then...we see it.

Yes, sirs and ladies, the man with the indescribable accent has parked his 18 wheeler in the middle of River road like it his own personal parking lot. ::heavy sigh::

We finally got the car on the truck, the guy makes some veiled threats about how he will kill us if we say the car has been damaged and it wasn't, and then he tells us that the car is going to be there in "maybe, ah, 5 days." Now, sirs and ladies, this is WAYYYYY before we were told it would get there. We aren't even flying out until next Thursday. So he says he'll just leave it in a parking lot or something. I heavily suspect this guy is engaging in some illegal driving hours (meaning he is working much longer days than he should). However, at 11:30 on a Thursday night with the movers coming on Tuesday, what could we do but let him take the car? He may be batshit insane, but at least he seemed sort of nice, right?

Well, if worse comes to worse, I guess JJ and I can just buy bicycles. Right?

**Car transportation is apparently a very scammy business. Most of the companies are brokers; they give you an estimate and after you sign an agreement they post the car and a dollar amount on a bulletin for available drivers to pick up. The broker then takes a cut. Oftentimes you don't even get the contact information for the driver or have any idea when they are coming (they gave us a two-day window). You can get away from this brokerage thing if you are willing to pay the big bucks....but, we're not.


  1. You are such a great story teller!

  2. BAHAHAHAH!!! OMG this is absolutely hilarious!! only because i can hear your tone of voice and impersonations through the entire story!! ahhh i am still giggling!! i hope the move goes well and you find jjs car when you arive!! xoxox

  3. Lindsay, Please check with JJ's car insurance to make sure you don't need extra coverage due to car being transported, also that your current company will cover the car in Boston & if your insurance rate will change. From talking with some of the staff that have visited or lived in Boston, they say the transportation system is wonderful & you may find you don't really need a car for day to day life. I can't imagine not needing a car, sounds impossible but it sure would save a lot of money! I'd like to see you before you leave if there's anyway possible, even for a few minutes. I really waant to stay in touch, I'm going to miss you. I hope your friend has her app in for the county, they are interviewing 5 on Tuesday but not sure if they are goint to hire both openings or just one. The RN from Alaska backed out so we have 2 openings for East. We did almost 300 last night & 135 today at East! I've done 5 clinics this week, all busy ones now Monday another big one, East 1 to 7! I go in at 11, I need to pull vaccine for clinic, no time on Friday. I've gotten vaccine from everywhere possible. This coming Sat is our regular Sat clinic, too! I go to Green Valley on Wed, I need office time desparately to catch up on paperwork! Text me if we can get together for a few minutes next week! Deb