Monday, August 8, 2011

Future Fur-Kids

Okay, so even though JJ and I should really be packing right now, we are both exhausted! He has been working non-stop on his thesis revisions, and I have been in the middle of back-to-school immunization clinics at the county. It seems like we both get home and are too tired to do anything besides heat up dinner and crash.


We decided a while ago that our wedding gifts to each other would be a kitten and a puppy, once we got settled into a new home and we were both out of school. Well, now that we are moving to Boston (away from most everyone we know), we decided to perk ourselves up by researching our future fur-kids!

JJ's family is very partial to maltese doggies, and for good reason. They are small, don't shed or bark much, are very loyal, loving, and smart. Plus they are very cute! Look:

I, however, am one that firmly believes that the cuteness of a doggy depends on their height-to-length ratio. JJ and I argue about this a lot, but I really believe that the shorter a dog's legs are, the cuter they are. Case in point: 
Mini dachshunds (or DASH-hounds, as JJ calls them)

Corgi puppy.....OMG SO CUTE

So we thought we'd start looking for some sort of Maltese mix. And look at what we have stumbled upon:

Maltese/ Corgi mix

Maltese/ poodle mix

So anyway....we are really excited to get a puppy when we get to Boston.

But anyone who knows me knows I am way more excited to get MY VERY OWN KITTY. The thing I want most in a cat is a) for it to allow me to pick it up whenever I want to and b) for it to give to me undying affection. Now I know this is really a pipe dream, because most cats are very snooty, but that's why when people ask me what kind of kitty I want I usually tell them I want a cat who is either too fat or crippled to run away from me. I know, I know. That makes me a little crazy. Can I help it if I just love kitties more than anything?

Well, determined to make me happy, JJ did some research. Apparently there is a kind of kitty that is bred to be so dependent on humans that it literally does not have a defensive reflex. Ladies and gentlemen, meet the ragdoll: 

They are everything I have ever dreamed of in a kitty! Now I can't stop watching videos of cute ragdoll kittens like this 

I'm so excited to get my own. JJ and I have even tossed around some names for our future pets: Opie and Q (because my initials are LMN), Captain Hook and Smee, Chairman Meow and Kim Dog Il (or Fido Castro). What do you think?


  1. If you like the ragdoll cats, you'd probably like the Maine Coon breed. They have similar personalities, size, and health (and they love water!). I have 2 maine coons (1male, 1 female). The boy is definitely a mama's boy and loves to follow me around the house and sleep next to me. Typically males are more lovey dovey in cats too.