Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Natural Disasters


Apparently JJ and I brought with us an earthquake and a hurricane. I'm scared of what winter will be like.

Thankfully, the earthquake was so slight in Boston that I napped right through it. Huzzah!

The hotel and the media got us all freaked out about Irene. We hunkered down in our hotel room all day Sunday, filled our bathtub up with water, made sure our flashlights were readily available, and stocked up on non-perishable food items. And we waited. And we waited. And we waited. And what do you know, all we got was a little wind and some splashies. We are very thankful...I know that the hurricane was really horrible for some people. As for us, I think the Arizona monsoon was much worse...especially with the poor drainage system in Tucson.

I still can't find the camera-computer-connecty-thingamabob. Something tells me we packed it in one of our "miscellaneous" boxes. Which basically means we will never, ever find it again. ::heavy sigh::

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