Friday, September 30, 2011


I just realized I never posted our pics from the Freedom Trail...which we walked way back in August. Ooops =(

Anyway, we decided to take the commuter rail into Boston rather than drive, because parking is apparently terrible and really expensive in Beantown. The train ride was pretty fun! Seeing as how we only have one car right now, when I get a job I will almost certainly be taking the train into work.

JJ is happy he's not driving!

Once we got to Beantown, we decided we'd do an ultra-touristy thing (of course!) The Freedom Trail. We only walked the south part, figuring that the slightly more awe-inspiring Bunker Hill Monument and U.S.S. Constitution in the north part would be something visitors might want to do with us.
Me posing with the sign on the Boston Common. Boston Common is America's oldest public park, and it was host to a camp of redcoats during the British occupation of Boston in 1775.

The Granary Burial Ground. I felt sorta weird taking pics of the graves,  so I just got a pic of this sign.  The people buried here include Samuel Adams, John Hancock, and Paul Revere. The biggest memorial was actually for Benjamin Franklin's parents!
So I didn't get any really cool pics of the Old South Meeting House because they charged 5 bucks to get in, and we figured we'd probably be doing it again when our moms come to visit.  Among other things, this was where the march to Boston Harbor for the Boston Tea Party originated.

So awesome...the balcony where the Declaration of Independence was read! At the Old State House

We went to watch street performers outside Faneuil Hall (where the Stamp Act was protested) , and then thought we'd catch a bite to eat in Quincy Market, just behind it. However, we quickly discovered that Quincy Market (one of the oldest trading posts and centers of commerce in America) was a gigantic tourist trap, and we both got really claustrophobic in there. So we quickly as possible.

....And walked over to the North End of Boston, which (as far as I could  tell) consists entirely of delicious Italian restaurants. One after the other.....we walked to Pizzeria Regina and I ate THE BEST PIZZA I HAVE EVER HAD. Drooling a little right now just thinking about it....

I snapped this pic of the Boston skyline on our short walk back to North Station.

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