Thursday, September 29, 2011

Wedding Pics! WHOOO!

So we finally got our wedding pics! Here are the linkies for them:

Pastor Bill is awesome!
Emma doggy doesn't know what to think about all the rehearsing
more from the Rehearsal Dinner

Playing on a playground

The front desk of the Wigwam
More from the Day After Wedding

"Just Married"
More Wedding Pics

Of course all these pictures are from the awesome Mrs. Rachel Perrella of Bright Fizz Photography. Definitely worth the wait! 


  1. Loved the day after pics. Especially the slide! You two are so cute.

  2. The slide picture:
    JJ: "Hurry up! I'm going to beat you to the wedding."
    Lindsay: "Slow down! I'm a big, freakin' dress!"