Friday, September 9, 2011

Unpacking Progress!

So, in between unpacking, I have become addicted to HBO's Game of Thrones. I managed to watch the entire first season in three days before I went on to the books. I mean, I seriously needed a break from The Count of Monte Cristo which is...interesting....but dry. I know not everyone out there is a big fan of the fantasy genre, and I'm probably late on the bandwagon for those that are, but I highly suggest reading/watching this series for those of you feeling adventurous. Go on!

Ironically, I feel like I'm actually in the books because of the Stark House's motto, "Winter is coming." Yes, I feel it looming closer everyday. I've started wearing my fuzzy boots around the house because my feet get cold easily. And it's not even October yet. ::heavy sigh::

Anyway, we finally unpacked the kitchen! It is now officially the only room in the house that is livable. See:

My favorite cupboard....look at how bright!

But of course, we still have this to look forward to. Anxiously awaiting our couch...

We also bit the bullet and bought our horribly expensive but-oh-so-comfy sectional and chair from Crate and Barrel that we've been drooling over for weeks. It should be here, in, oh, 2 months. NBD. I'll just sit on the ground or in a folding chair until then...

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  1. HAHAAH!! I love the NBD folding chairs! Cannot wait to see the new furniture when it arrives! Your apartment is adorable! and the kitchen is so bright and cheery, LOVE!