Monday, September 12, 2011


So, JJ and I have been looking around for a ragdoll kitty for a few weeks. This has been problematic because:

1) They are very expensive in Massachusetts. Why?
2) It's hard to find an available litter.
3) Most of the cat breeders we came across we batshit crazy. Um, your cats are called "cats" not "lords and ladies" or "dukes and dutchesses." And no, I will not sign a contract saying you can come visit the kitten I bought from you at any point in their life within 24 hours notice. That's just creepy, no.

Well, yesterday morning I got an email back from one of the breeders who actually seemed NORMAL. She had kittens on special because they were the last of their litter, two males and a female. And she was uh...only two hours away.

So what did we do? We jumped in the car and drove to Connecticut to get the damn kitty! And he was worth it. How did we pick which one? Well, I knew I wanted one of the males. So we both held one, and then we switched, and then we put them on the floor. The one we didn't pick ran away. The one we wanted did figure eights around our feet. So, that was him then!

We were thinking the 2 hour ride home was going to be terrible with a meowing kitty. But now, he just curled up in his cat carrier and went right to sleep. Awwww.

Now for the oogles:
At the breeder's
Getting him home...he went for the first enclosed space he could find, the entertainment center.

Getting pets from JJ, he seemed to calm down.

This cat loves JJ...and that zebra snuggie. Never met a cat who didn't, actually.

Getting the people germs off of him.

Haha, doing what they do best! =P

We haven't picked a name yet. We both seem to like "Moose" the best, because when male ragdolls become adults they average between 15-20 pounds. However, we have also discussed "Optimus Prime" (O.P.): Lord Samson Wiggletummy, Esquire; and Oliver Paddington. I dunno. What do you think?

For now, he is just "kitty." He slept with us last night. Oh how we love him, oh how we do.


  1. So cute!!! I like Moose a lot but I also like Oliver Paddington! xoxox

  2. What about Black Eye, since it looks like he has them or Tired because of the dark circles under his eyes? Can you tell that I'm tired and exhausted? We had a very BUSY CLINIC today, I never stopped from when I came in until I left. We had a line almost the whole time. We have a new PHN Kristin, she started last week, she's very nice and has a 6 month old daughter. We are still short your spot and Kim is on vacation. Paula is great, she just jumps right in there and does whatever needs to be done. I really like her alot. Things are changing, we are going to start working with Family Planning, the clerks and LPNS are going to work together to cover each other plus cross train for each others jobs to a certain point. East office is the test clinic because of the way our office is set up, it's the easiest since our check in windows are side by side and the clerks cubicles are so close. Their LPNs will start going to North on Thursday to learn pre-conferencing and I will work with Karin Merritt to learn to draw blood. Michelle the younger LPN and I have talked she's going to start showing me how they do things when we have time. They are going to keep me at East as much as possible so that I can work with them. So far this only means no Green Valley but that's good even though I like going there. They are looking at doing some scheduling for shots while the Mom is there for their appt so it's one stop shopping. WIC will also get involved somehow. We are going to try to see people when they come into the office. Not sure how my inventory will be affected! A little worried. I'm still trying to get straight after summer clinic. Cute kitty, don't spoil him too much, ha, ha!

  3. OOOOOH I love this little furball baby!!!! SOOO cute!!!!!! I LOVE the name Moose!!!!!! I wanted to name our next furbaby (if we ever get one) that ! I hope the new city is treating you well!