Monday, November 14, 2011

More kitteh!

JJ and I have enjoyed these past few months with our little kitty-dude. We feel like proud parents most of the time--bragging to each other about things we saw him do, telling him he's a great kitty and even coming up with nick names for him (among them...Kittybeard, Ki Ki Wah Wah, Kitty Boo Boo Face, Senor, Mr. Piggy....and the list goes on, and on...). I thought I'd share some of the funny (and sometimes not-so funny) things he does.

This is JJ's work bag...which Meeko likes to climb into (crumpling any and all papers inside), and  he usually falls asleep in there. Awww.
Meeko with his "precious." He loves these fake mice. He  plays fetch with them, carries them around everywhere with him, and sometimes inconveniently deposits them in real odd places....the shower...our pillows...
This is something he recently started doing. Every time the fridge opens, he uses the ledge by our fridge to jump on the door. It's as if he's saying "What's for dinner, guys?" Fatty.

So,,,,Meeko has a fascination with water. He jumps into the shower with us (cute.) He sticks his head under the faucet anytime you wash your hands or brush your teeth (mostly cute). And....he drinks out of your glass. Always. (Not cute at all, just gross). We want to buy him a water fountain for Christmas to help avoid this....
Meeko loves his scratching post. Many times a day we find him sitting, perfectly balanced, on the very top, just to get a better view of whatever we are doing. Also on the kitty wish list...a cat tree. We think he would approve.

Relaxing with mom...isn't he vicious? =P

Meeko chasing his tail in his favorite play area...the bathtub.

Meeko begging for breakfast. Poohead (aka, my brother Daniel) says he sounds like a baby raptor when he meows, so we have aptly named his begging routine his "baby raptor impression."

One of the funniest (and undocumented) things he does is how he wakes you up. First, he comes in, purring. Then he sits on your pillow, swishing his tail in your face (still purring). Then he nonchalantly stretches, "accidentally" putting his paw either in your mouth or covering your nose (still, purring). If none of this works, he give his version of a nibbling your nose or chin. And yep, as soon as you are up, he dashes to the kitchen, ready for breakfast. What a piggy. 

And....that's it. Yes, we are obsessed. And no, I'm not going to promise that this will be the last kitty photo brag sesh, because knowing me, it probably won't.


  1. haha your kitten is adorable! Mine does something similar to wake me in the morning. Although, his 16lbs sitting on top of my chest is not quite comfortable!

  2. So cute! Doesn't having an animal complete the family nicely? We think so!